Sample table tops recorded in the dataset

This dataset constains RGB-D data with annotated objects on desktops. In total 20 desks have been recorded, 3 times per day over 19 days.


This dataset is available for download in a single archive file (~ 177 GB). As an alternative, the individual folders and files can be obtained from here, and would have to be downloaded manually.

Condition of use

If you use the dataset for your research, please cite our paper that describes it:

	KTH-3D-TOTAL: A 3D dataset for discovering spatial structures for long-term autonomous learning
	Thippur, Akshaya and Ambrus, Rares and Agrawal, Gaurav and Del Burgo, Adria Gallart and Ramesh, 
	Janardhan Haryadi and Jha, Mayank Kumar and Akhil, Malepati Bala Siva Sai and Shetty, 
	Nishan Bhavanishankar and Folkesson, John and Jensfelt, Patric
	Control Automation Robotics & Vision (ICARCV), 2014 13th International Conference on
We attached a bibtex record for your convenience.